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hpGEM 2 beta available

May 9th, 2014

Today a new version of hpGEM was released. The beta of version 2 of the kernel. This has been completely restructured from the hpGEM 1.x kernel, so no codes can be imported from version 1.x to 2 (beta); without a large rewrite. Many things have changed, including the use of cmake to build the package, full details can be found on the website. However, we do feel the new kernel is cleaner, easier to use and have all functionality of the old kernel. In the future we have plans to extend this new kernel to include many new and exciting features. We are almost happy with this new interface/design and only expect minor changes between this version and the full release version of hpGEM 2.

Also we now have a new web-address and information about hpGEM can now be found at

The beta is only available via our new svn server and hence to receive the code type:
svn checkout sourceCode
We hope, you like the new kernel. If you have any comments positive or negative or problems please let us know.