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Mailing List

To subscribe to the hpGEM developers mailing list, please send an email to listserv[AT]lists[dot]utwente[dot]nl

Subject: subscribe 

Body: subscribe hpgem-user {your name} 

You will first receive an acknowledgement email to your subscription.
You will later receive a confirmation email of your subscription.

Posting to the list

To send a message to all of the people currently subscribed to the list, just send mail to , which is called the list address.

Accessing the archives

Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived. You can access the list archives here. You may need to log in or get a password for the Web interface to view the archives.

Registering with the web interface requires your subscribed email address which can be found in the acknowledgement email to your subscription. This list is available in digest form. If you wish to receive the digested version of the postings, then issue a "SET HPGEMDEV-L DIGEST" command. All commands must be sent to , which is the LISTSERV address. It is important to that you remember and understand this.

Please note that it is presently possible for other people to determine that you are signed up to the list through the use of the "REVIEW" command, which returns the email address and name of all the subscribers. If you do not want your name to be visible, then just issue a "SET HPGEMDEV-L CONCEAL" command.

More information on LISTSERV commands can be found in the LISTSERV reference card, which you can retrieve by sending an "INFO REFCARD" command to .